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Call Costs

Call Costs for support and assistance at Age Connects North East Wales

Dialling numbers beginning with 084 incurs two separate charges:

  • The Access Charge: this is paid to your telephone provider;


  • The Service Charge: this is passed on, and set by, the communications provider that terminates the call and may be shared with the service provider (our telecommunications provider).

In line with this, making a telephone call to us on 08450 549969 will terminate at our service provider, our Service Charge is set at 1.7p per minute. Your telephone provider will set your Access Charge, and they all will have different charges, so it is impossible for us to say what the exact cost will be.

For example: A person using a BT landline to call 08450 549969 would be charged 14.7 pence per minute. This breaks down as 13ppm charged by BT for the Access Charge, and 1.7ppm set by our supplier as the Service Charge. (prices shown for BT correct on 11/10/18 but may vary)